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Erge I especially enjoyed the paper airplane scene There are also some pretty strong sparks flying between them Though it was frustrating for Natalie I uite liked Ronan s refusal to take advantage of those sparks while she was trapped in his house He certainly made up for it laterWhen they agreed to have a fling with the understanding that emotions would not be involved I had to laugh It was clear to me that Natalie was already well down the road to loving Ronan I loved watching It was clear to me that Natalie was already well down the road to loving Ronan I loved watching together With Natalie in his life Ronan lost a lot of his broodiness and his creative side began to re emerge With both of them being artists there was no feeling of neglect when one or the other was caught up in their creative process There were some very sweet scenes showing Ronan s support and encouragement of Natalie When they were together Natalie seemed to be consistently tuned into Ronan s moods Because of her lack of family Natalie really wants Ronan to reconcile with his She takes every opportunity to point out to him how lucky he is to have the family that he does I loved seeing how she brought Ronan and his brothers back together using an art project as the reason The time they spent together the deeper their feelings rew though each one tried desperately to deny it I ached for Natalie when she ot up the courage to tell Ronan how she felt only to have him run Ronan is terrified that his problems would suck the life out of her just as his father tended to do to others so he d rather push her away than see that happen But when Ronan faced a crisis Natalie was the one he turned to The ending was intensely emotional as Ronan was finally able to lay his

"Fears To Rest I Loved "
to rest I loved big moment at the end It was sweet romantic and beautifulThe big issue in the book was Ronan s reaction to finding out the truth of his birth I could completely understand the initial shock and the need to et away and process the information However I couldn t understand him pushing his brothers away Even if they are only half brothers the love respect and memories are still there I liked that they didn t ive up on him I ached for him and his feelings of betrayal from his mom That was the hardest thing for him to deal with Once Ronan was involved with Natalie things began to change because of her I loved her determination to help him reconcile things began to change because of her I loved her determination to help him reconcile his family She also knew that it couldn t be forced I loved her creativity in bringing him together with Nick and Mathias But try as she might she didn t seem to be able to et through to him. A mudslide at his mountain home where the brooding lass artist reveals his playful side sending her inconvenient crush from under the radar to over the topAfter a secret tore apart his family and made him uestion his sense of self Ronan fled his hometown for Happily Inc but the sunny small town can’t fix hi. Susan Mallery writes some fun books And this series set in a town that somehow revolves around specialty weddings is a lot of fun I really liked this one because we finally et to resolve the whole issue with Ronan and his mom It is a trope in romance fiction that a love of a Art good woman fixes everything but it s done well here I especially liked Natalie s sassy nature I have been waiting for Ronan s story since he first appeared in the Fool s Gold books and I was not disappointed Ronan is a brilliantlass artist He is also brooding angry and terribly confused In a previous book Ronan discovered that he is not his brother Mathias s twin He is the product of one of his father s affairs which has made him uestion everything about himself He has pulled away from everyone his him uestion everything about himself He has pulled away from everyone his his father I don t blame him there and the woman he thought was his mother that does bother me He s so angry that he s been lied to all his life that he has allowed that anger to affect every part of his life He s finally reached a point where he realizes that he misses the relationship he had with his brothers but he doesn t know how to fix it They miss him too and it s that worry for him that sends Natalie up the mountain to check on himNatalie is a fellow artist as well as the God Is in the Crowd gallery owner s assistant She is one of those people who can find theood in almost anything I loved the description of her as curvy feisty and that she wears lasses which added to the realism of her character She is also a wee bit stubborn which is what sent her up the mountain in bad weather in a car that was inadeuate for the conditions It was no wonder that she ended up on his doorstep muddy wet and spitting madI loved the development of Natalie and Ronan s relationship Natalie has had a crush on Ronan but has kept it under Natalie has had a crush on Ronan but has kept it under An engagement one bad has left her unwilling to risk her heart again even though she wants a family of her own Her conversations with her friends over the baby app are funny and heartbreaking at the same time When she The Matriarchs (The Family gets stuck on the mountain with Ronan she discovers a whole new side of the brooding artist I ached a little for Ronan because he was so surprised that anyone was worried enough about him to check on him I loved how easy he found it to bring her into his house and his life It turned out that he d been crushing on her a bit too I loved those couple of days that they had together Natalie s cheerfulness threw some light into the dark corners of Ronan s life and I loved seeing a lighter side of Ronan em. Susan Mallery welcomes you to Happily Inc where true love isn’t just for fairy tales Natalie Kaleta will do anything for the artists at herallery including risk life limb and the effect of humidity on her naturally curly hair Braving a downpour to check on reclusive Ronan Mitchell Natalie ets stranded by. .
When it came to his mom I found it immensely satisfying when she finally laid into him with her opinion of his attitude In the end it was Nick who took the logical course of action to resolve the issue I loved Ronan s stunned reaction and how it made him reevaluate his own actions The resolution was intense and emotionalI also loved the friendships among the women of the story It s always wonderful to see how the author brings Together Such Diverse Personalities In A Way such diverse personalities in a way works They are always there to support each other professionally or personally and can be depended on to be brutally honest if reuired There were a couple of those moments between Natalie and Silver when Natalie had a decision to make There were a few hints dropped that make me think that Silver s story is oing to be another fantastic installment in the series WHY NOT TONIGHTHappily Inc 3Written BY SUSAN MALLERYNARRATED BY TANYA EBY2018 HN BOOKS 384 Susan MalleryNarrated by Tanya Eby2018 HN Books 384 Audio length 7 hours and 52 minutesGenre fiction series romance contemporary small town weddingsRating 35 STARSBook three features Natalie who works at the art When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) gallery in town and is an artist herself paper and Ronan Mitchell an artist inlass Ronan has been brooding over a family secret and has escaped to his home in the mountain When Natalie No Biggy! goes to check on him she trapped there due to a mudslide The whole story is not about being trapped together so it flowed a bit better I liked the chemistry between Natalie and Ronan and the story line of family secrets coming to a bit of an ending I am definitely enjoying these on audioI received an eARC from NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Bl Mallery vividly and artistically paints a picture with words Why Not Tonight is an endearing romance between a highly temperamental and haunted male artist Ronan and an optimistic take it as it comes struggling female artist Natalie I really found myself enjoying this story so much that I did a re read a few weeks apart and loved that I caught details Mallery added to the Happily Inc world Feelood emotionally connecting plot that will pull you right inI received this ARC copy of Why Not Tonight from HARLEUIN HN This is my honest and voluntary review Why Not Tonight is set for publication September 18 2018My Rating 4 starsWritten by Susan MallerySeries Happily Inc Seuence in Series Book 3Mass Market Paperback 384 pagesPublisher HN Original edition Publication Date September 18 2018ISBN 10 1335474609ISBN 13 978 1335474605Genre Contemporary Romance Noble check us out on Tome Tender Book Blog or on Facebook. S damaged heart He won’t Crush It! give in to his attraction for beautiful perpetually cheerful Natalie She’s untouched by darkness or so he thinksNatalie knows that when a heartoes through the flame it comes out stronger Life may not be a fairy tale but sometimes dreams do come true Why not this one Why not tonig. ,
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