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Riveted (Iron Seas, hI thought the first book was okay since library didntave the second i library didnt the second book I went on to third I was very very disappointed See when I read the first book I was a An Officer and a Spy high school freshman now I m a junior in college this book just seemed so dreadfully disappointing First the author keeps reminding youow gothic this girl is The author basically described shopping at Hot Topic black lipstick Nightmare Before Christmas clock etc Don t get me wrong Nothing is wrong with shopping at Hot Topic but is that all the author can come up with when describing the goth aspect of Fates (Fates, her characterSecond if this isow she sees vampires WHAT A BORE Shine a flashlight to a vampire it immediately retreats C mon Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, how weak is that Lastly I think the events iner book progress so fast I don t like ow she writes the romance in the book Overall this is not a worthwhile book Book 3 was not as exciting as the first two books but it was still a really good bookI m a little surprised these books don t get better ratings I am really enjoying the series and like the authors writing style These books are very PG and and probably geared towards preteens and youthful readers but even so the stories are light fun and easy to get into In this book Raven and Alexander s story continues in a way I was not expecting There are a couple of little iccups they OBaby have to deal with and I think they I barely made it through this one I read a review that claimed that this one made it worth reading the last awful two books but they were wrong It s so boring The whole thing is just innocent consumer products given dark malicious names the word gothic over and over again and the wussiest weakest worst vampires I ve ever encountered in books They can t do anything cool besides fly They couldn t even tell she wasuman Wtf NOT continuing this series 4 StarsThere were some unexpected things in Vampireville but of course Raven and Alexander are still going strong I wonder when Nerds he ll just give in and turner into a vampire Among some of my favorites Outstanding literary work The characters are well developed interesting The liked characters are likable and the Zack (Areion Fury MC hated are unlikable The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting Itas a fairly original or uniuely well developed plot The pretense and romance was well balanced and done with properly distributed amounts of. For goth girl Raven dating er dream boyfriend is complicated especially because Alexander's secret means that they can see each other only at night And now the pair must be extra wary in the dark with Alexander's archrival Jagger appearing around town As if Jagger isn't enough. Vampireville Vampire Kisses #3Al vampire well let me tell you a little about this book is about this girl named Raven and ContamiNation her boyfriend Alexander they are but completely in love then this twins Jagger and Luna comes to town to try to get into Raven s nemesis Trevis then Jagger tries to bite Raven to turner into a vampire and Luna is trying to kiss Alexander so she could stay with Taxi ins Glück him until eternity If you want to know youave to read the book I finally came to the conclusion these books are the very rated G version of the Sookie Stackhouse novels Complete with a mystery odd ball girl with spunk a mystery odd ball girl with spunk doesn t fit in and a unk of a beauIn the third installment in the Vampire Kisses series we ave our cast of regulars plus the vampire twins from Romania Jagger and Luna Craziness ensues when the twins try to lure Trevor to the dark side unbeknownst to Trevor while Alexander and Raven do their best to foil their plansThis book was full of cute perfectly timed uips from Raven As well as a protective but not overly so Alexander Actually I found it amusing that Alexander would say things like wait Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas here and then before you know it Raven is byis side Love a girl who thinks on The Magic Rolling Pin her own AND I still find it cool that Raven continually addresses and analyzes the issue of becoming part of the undead She knowser thoughts were romanticized illusions and life as a vampire would not be as easy as she Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, had thoughtIave a Not Without a Fight huge soft spot for Trevor and I think Raven secretly does too I am probably the only one going to say this but I think Raven should giveim a shot Seriously There is tons of passion and flirting between those two

That I Have Not 
I ave not between Raven and AlexanderBecky and Matt really didn t add much to the story I personally would like to see them with a bigger role in the action as well as from Ruby and JamesonThis is a great series for teen reluctant readers They are short easy and fast paced enough to keep you reading STACKGirl Stacy who would like to see waaaay passionate kissing in Stacy who would like to see waaaay passionate kissing in rest of the series The adventure continues in this 3rd book of the Vampire Kisses series It follows Raven er vampire boyfriend Alexander and friends as they find a couple of new very pale people The Unseen Wonder hanging around town Lots of twists and turns in this book and even some cemetery fun I don t want to give away of the story line to not spoil the books Iighly recommend if you love coming of age romance and vampires. Late to save Dullsville from becoming VampirevilleIn the latest installment of The Management Bible her popular Vampire Kisses books Ellen Schreiber continues the startling story of two teen outsiders–she from the mortal world ande from the Underworld–who share a thrilling extraordinary roman. .
Hints behaviors and chemistry Not So Much Predictable If At much predictable if at Overall loved it I recommend reading A love triangle is ensuing Zu schnell here Luna wants Alexander who wants Raven but Trevor is there and Luna s brother is pursuing Raven to destroy Alexander Vampireville the third book in the amazing Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber is another excellent addition to my bookshelf I love this series and Iave a very obvious bias towards it This series was a big part of my teenage years and it s ard to not jump back into this series and fall in love all over again Alexander and Raven s epic romance is one of the best YA couples around go ahead and argue that with of the
Best YA Couples Around 
YA couples around ahead and argue that with and I can t elp but shout from the ills about them Jumping back into these books as an adult cemented my love for this series It s still just as goodVampireville is a young YA book the maturity of this novel isn t strong but that s why I loved it Lots of YA books take themselves way too seriously so aving a book like this that is so much fun is a real delight Raven is your stereotypical goth girl Hot Topic shopping black lipstick loves black black cats in love with a vampire etc but that makes er so cool She s the ideal of every 13 year old girl who wanted to be a goth but er parents wouldn t let me Invisible (The Curse of Avalon haha me She s sassy makes mistakes and feels real than most YAeroines Raven and Alexander continue facing a very bumpy ride but the ride is fun I Yummy Supper highly recommend binging the whole series as soon as possible I didn t enjoy these books all on their own I liked reading the entire series from beginning to end to really get this series Itelps that all the books are relatively short and written in a nice form so you can easily jump from book to bookFive out of five stars I love this series and I want Raven dates a vampire but she faces a major problem she can t persuade the others that she as a boyfriend you don t see us together since we should come out of the ouse only after sunset Also Alexander may be such a sweet and lovely boy but all vampires are not like Deep Listening him take Luna and Jagger for example who threaten to transform other children Raven and Alex are trying to stop them in another adventure in Vampireville I read all three first books in a day stuck in traffic into the bus I think it was a nice day though this is the best book everow can you imagine that you will actually will be going out with a re. Cause for worry Luna is strikingly pale sister as also surfaced and seems to Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature haveer sights set on Raven's longtime nemesis Trevor Together Raven and Alexander must begin a terrifying search for Jagger and Luna's ideout to drive them away–that is if it's not already too.

Summary Vampireville Vampire Kisses #3

Belonging (Temptation, Dark Awakening