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E she s at it along with her two long time friends Although the retre at is a little out there with ayahuasca tea and group meditations each woman is hoping to gain something from their time away Soon things turn from good to very very bad when a fellow participant turns up dead uickly everyone is pointing fingers at each other and soon enough they are all ust trying to make out alive Sherri Smith is a new author to me although evidently she has published two previous novels and lives in the same country as I do All that aside I am grateful for this introductionI did not know what to expect going in and I was not exactly excited about yet another tired wellness retreat novel This one however was far different than I expected Full of dark twisty characters and even darker and twistier plots The Retreat is something delightfully unexpected A true whodunit the mystery is not revealed until the very end but each character has the potential to be our culprit Each character has a likable part of them but an eually unlikable part too which adds a nice realistic element and has you both hoping for their success and hoping for their failures in eual parts Well told and taut The Retreat builds well and keeps you entertained and engaged from page one Although the ending is definitely unpredictable it also teeters on the edge of unbelievable There are several components that seem The Fall Of White City (Victorian Chicago Mystery Series Book 1) just a bit far fetched and unrealistic but not too far off from reality that it is not enjoyable The ending serves to tie up the novel in a satisfying way and there are no unanswered uestions which is always a plus in my book A thoroughly entertaining novel I am grateful to Chelsea for introducing this to me I don t think I would have tried it on my own and now I have a new author to enjoy An interesting and simple premise which centres around four women attending a wellbeing retreat in hoping for a relaxing tranuil experience only for hidden secrets and death to ariseI wanted something uick and easy to read and this certainly delivered that whilst the narrative is told through the four POV s it was the main protagonist Katie Manning s storyline that really held my attentionuite simply her name was too similar to former Doctor Who companion Katy Manning that I inevitably kept picturing the British actress in this story I wondered if this was deliberate as surly authors check to see if character names match real life celebritiesThe Katie in this book was a former child star in the hit detective show Shelby Space now in her mid twenties and washed upumps at the chance to spend the weekend away with her brothers fianc e EllieEspecially as a twitter storm has surfaced after an ill udged tweet with friends Ariel and Carmen also being invited alongThe setting was great and seeing each member of the group adjusting to the rules of the camp help set the tone of the placeI found both the Ariel and Carmen sections to be a little dull and was uite keen to get back to the Katie chaptersWhilst it s pretty obvious what s happening throughout the story it s fun to see all the clues fall into place during a strong conclusion This book is really hard to rate because the writing was snarky funny and the premise was SO good I appreciate the way Smith writes and will absolutely read her again Every single character was horrible and outrageous in ways that made this book really entertaining to readFor me however it was clear far too early in the book which character was probably behind the intriguing events that Happen In The First Few Pages I in the first few pages I hoping it was a red herring but alas So I knew who way too early and ust hoped for a great why But when I got there it was MTIV just nonsenseThank you to Sherrie Smith Macmillan TorForge Forge Books and NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this eARC in exchange for an honest review. Iends one struggling with crippling debt and family obligations one running away from a failedob and relationship Katie will try to find the inner peace promised at the tranuil retreat But finding oneself ust might drudge up memories than Katie is prepared to deal withEach woman has come to the retreat for different reasons Each has her secrets to hide And at the end of this weekend only one will be left standin. ,

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The RetreatIt was one of the best books I ve read the story was gripping the ending was unpredictable and the whole plot was original Book reviews on wwwsnazzybookscom I had absolutely no idea what to expect from The Retreat but I found myself completely absorbed in this tense and gripping tale of secrets and betrayalSherri Smith has created some great characters in Katie Ariel Carmen and Ellie and the rest *of the cast of people who have gathered at the retreat each character has their own flaws but also various *the cast of people who have gathered at the retreat each character has their own flaws but also various characteristics too Katie a has been once a child television star heads to an elusive retreat with her sister in law to be Ellie and invites along a few of her friends Carmen and Ariel What follows is complete craziness I don t want to give too much away here but the key is ust to completely sus It is difficult to write this review without giving spoilers away but I shall try I give this one 4 out of 5 Actually 45 First of all we have got Katie She is an ex child actress whose career ended when she was young due to a tragic incident causing facial disfigurement She riding on the somewhat waning fame of that early success but finds herself a bit lost in the world She s currently living with her brother or should I say he is living with her He looks out for her and keeps her safe deals with all her problems etc Unfortunately for Katie her bro has a fiance called Ellie who Katie is not so fond of She s the typical English rose all sweet and annoying and floaty and happy Katie instantly dislikes her Well what better way to bond than to go away to a holistic retreat together that s what I d do Off Katie and Ellie go with a couple of Katie s college friends along for the ride too What happens next is where it gets interesting There s a bloody knife There s a body There s a hallucinogenic tea There s a weird group of Retreat members And there s of course Katie s number fanstalker thrown into the mix I enjoyed reading this so much The characters are ALL flawed I don t think I liked any one of them especially But I was intrigued by most of them and needed to know what was going to happen to them There are a lot of twists and turns and the story kept me hooked from start to finish Although I read this in chunks rather than in one go I didn t want to put it down Very well done on that front I read the end 40% or so in one go and it was EXHAUSTING It all happens it s unexpected twisted and oh so fun I hear you asking why would you not have given this book a Full 5 Are You Mad Well Let Me Tell You 5 are you mad Well let me tell you love this book it was tense angsty it made me anxious and wanting to read further BUT I have read Sherri s previous book and I unfairly compared it to that the whole way through I LOVED Follow me down I read it twice in a year I think And I love Sherri she s great funny endearing So 45 is a fair reflection of my views on this one Thank you NetGalley and Sherri for an early copy of this one Wwwthebeautifulbookbreakcom The Retreat a mystery thriller was a solid 4 stars The Retreat centers around four women Katie Carmen Ellie and Ariel that attend a weekend wellness retreat Each of these women live vastly different lives and each have secrets that they don t want to get out I found The Retreat to be one of the most interesting books I ve read this year I found the characters were well developed though not particularly likable and the ending was phenomenal never saw it coming Highly recommended to fans of mystery thriller books Thank you NetGalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review Half a starAbsolute Worst Read of 2019 Award This review may come across as harsh Usually my low star reviews are infused with a bit of humor and mock outrage in order to make the process palatable I cannot with this read My experience of this book was very poor and most unpleasant In fact it is. Sherri Smith illuminates the dark side of the self care and wellness industry in a thrilling ride of revenge perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty's Nine Perfect Strangers The Retreat is a twisting bone chilling suspense that asks how well do you really know your friends Four womenFour secretsA weekend that will change them foreverif they surviveKatie Manning was a beloved child star until her mid teens when her manag. One of the worst experiences of reading that I have ever had There are four whiny horrid unlikable and duplicitous women We are given very outlandish and mostly unbelievable reasons why they are this way These four women do whiny horrid and horrible things to each other and other women We are given very outlandish and mostly unbelievable reasons why they do these acts They go to a retreat There they do whiny horrid unlikable and duplicitous acts towards each other But wait one woman is also a psychopath and murdererThe twists are ridiculous the psychological explanations flimsy andor superficial and when people start to die Oh well The last third of the book has some of the most gratuitous violence that I have read Made *no sense and for some readers may be triggering Very important *sense and for some readers may be triggering Very important such as substance misuse personality disorders and dissociation are treated superficially and are there to either push the plot along or as accusations and udgements that these characters hurled at each other Please remember that a psychological thriller must have the following for this reader psychological congruence psychological depth believable twists and turns and plausible motivations for intrapersonal desicions and interpersonal actionsThis book had none of the above To make matters worse this book lacked artistry authenticity and any entertainment valueThanks to Netgalley for allowing me to post my honest opinion of ebook that they provided to me Although the premise was intriguing this thriller ust didn twell thrill Characters couldn t connect with plot that seemed to drag interspersed with bits of rather trashy sex and other risky behavior on a 3 day weekend retreat uite a suspenseful ending rescued it from 2 star range and tied it back to the horror of the first chapter but with some nice twists I received an arc of this new novel from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review Recommend for a uick beach read Holy cow This book was dark In a similar fashion to Nine Perfect Strangers our characters Katie Manning former child star her three besties and her future sister in law gather for a life changing weekend with a promise that Ayahuasca tea will change their lives forever None of the characters are particularly likable If that s a deal breaker for you then this story may not be your favorite This book is not here to please you with characters who you may empathize with They re really a bunch of nasty wenches to you with characters who you may empathize with They re really a bunch of nasty wenches to honest The book is split into three different parts one per each day at the retreat and the chapters are shared under the different POV of the four women Katie Ellie April and Carmen They all seem a bit shallow a bit cartoonish cliched Some of them will remain that way through the book but Katie doesn t As the chapters go by her story unfolds and her character takes shape Things begin to take a dark side It s hard to process the seriousness of the story due to Sherri Smith s witty and humorous writing Like Moriarty she is good at throwing humor even in the darkest places There is a whodunit theme in the book that may distract you from the real issues each of the characters is going through I felt that was the biggest red herring in the book One spends so much time Thanks to Chelsea for recommending this book to me Special thanks also to NetGalley and the publisher for granting me this novel in exchange for an honest review The Retreat is yet another holistic health retreat book think Liane Moriarty s Nine Perfect Strangers with a dark and suspenseful twist Katie is a former child star surviving on her dwindling childhood earnings and trying to find herself after the fame of her youth At the insistence of her brother she decides to get to know her brother s fianc e by inviting her on a health and wellness retreat and getting a little rejuvenation herself whil. Er attacked and permanently scarred her face effectively ending her career and sending her on a path of all too familiar post Hollywood self destructionNow twenty seven Katie wants a better answer to those clickbait Where Are They Now articles that float around online An answer she hopes to find when her brother's too good to be true fiance invites her to a wellness retreat upstate Together with Katie's two best fr.