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Small CrimesN t take him back Dude Think about what you did This guy is like very loser you ve Tamako Sia ever met Bad decisions followed byxcuses and rationalization and a promise to try and do better and woe to whoever believes that line of BS Brilliant characterization Joe specially but the other characters were fun too What a twisted book Joe Denton x cop Hermit in the Himalayas The Journal of a Lonely Exile ex cokeheadx arsonist is released on arly parole after having spent only seven years in a jail instead of doing 20 years in a maximum security prison He had slashed the face of the district attorney who stumbled on him during a robbery attempt and then he had tried to set fire to the office Joe wants nothing better than to get his act together and be left alone Unfortunately the corrupt sheriff his act together and be left alone Unfortunately the corrupt sheriff had kept Joe out of maximum security in return for keeping uiet about the crimes they had committed now wants Joe to kill a prospective informer or the DA who ver since his disfigurement has made a crusade of trying to root out all the corruption in the communitySince the narrator is totally unreliable one never uite knows the truth of the story as he recounts it nor his motivations Joe is abandoned b Sure it s dark but Joe always has the hope of redemption in his mindRead whilst ill in bed in Boxford Suffolk and my friends were all at the pubAfter reading great reviews of Outsourced Melki and Pariah Ed finding this on the shelf in Brighton was uite the Bernardijeva soba exciting find I m not sure it lived up to the praise of the other two howeverThe seuence is titled Badass Gets Out Of Jail and sure the charactr in Pariah certainly sounds like a total Badass I m not sure the same can be said of Joe Denton He s a weak man who has the capacity for violence and the potential is always bubbling under the surface He s a dreamer who wants to change his ways and the denouement reveals so much about him as a person than the previous 230 pages combinedThis is the second novel in a week that I ve read that has been compared to Thompson and Cain on the front cover and it is the second novel in a week that doesn t live up to the hype It s a solidntertaining book but there s nothing in it that raises the stakes above simple Courage Under Fire (Silver Creek, enjoyment that being said I m not sure it has any designs on being great amazing superb or any other superlative you might what to hyperbolically throw at ititherI m sure Zeltserman will get only better the you read him and I m still on the lookout for of his work I feel like I should have liked this book than I did I ve had it sitting on a pile of books waiting to be reviewed for the past couple of weeks and I haven t been able to think of what to really say about it Now today it s due back at the library and it must leave the pile of books so I guess I should say something right If the book were a Buddhist maybe it would be a compliment to say it just is and leave it at that Books that just are without any kind of ualifying thought aren t really in some Women and Tradition A Neglected Group of Folklorists enlightened or great state They just aren t really good or bad What am I trying to say I ll ramble on a bit Feel free to just go on to some other review I noticed there are some others here that are much informative I normally like the idea of first person crime novelsven if the narrator is less than likable or ven reliable those things usually make the book better Some reviewers have commented on the narrators unreliability I didn t really see that here I better Some reviewers have commented on the narrators unreliability I didn t really see that here I he was pretty reliable to the facts as he saw them he is a little deluded and see s the world through a filter that makes him see vents from his own perspective but then don t most of us xcept for you and me us two are perfectly objective and see the world as it really is without any personal bias or prejudice but all those other people out there they see things fucked up right The narrator is pretty unlikable he s sort of like a small town version of The Bad Lieutenant but without the total degenerate charm of that movie s character Ok this re. Agues Meanwhile local mafia don Manny Vassey is dying of cancer and keen to cut a deal with God He’s thinking of singing to the DA if this will set him up for a better afterlife And he knows stuff that will. View is going no where but I feel like I ve accomplished a little than nothing and this book can now go back to the library If you read this sorry for wasting your time Small Crimes is the first book in Dave Zeltserman s impressive three book Badass Get Out of Jail seuence They do not have to be read in order What distinguishes the books are the different voices of three lethal dudes In Pariah Zeltserman presented Kyle Nevin a heat seeking lunatic that had the novel at times bordering on a black comedy In Killer the author offered up Leonard March a 60 something mob killer The voice was measured reflective honest in its own way but still dark as hell In Small Crimes Zelserman gives us Joe Denton a disgraced cop who once stabbed the district attorney 13 times in the face with a letter opener denton is the most unreliable voice opener Denton is the most unreliable voice the three badasses and the most manipulativeThe novel opens with Denton on the morning of his release playing checkers with a slow witted old jail guard He s been deliberately losing checkers for the relatively asy seven year sentence at the county jail Denton should have been doing time at the maximum security facility but strings were pulled and his time was soft because Denton kept his mouth Shut Police Force The police force Denton s home town is throughly corrupt and works closely a brutal mobster who happens to be dying of cancer when Denton gets out Almost immediately Denton is placed between a rock and a hard place by the police chief Dan Pleasant Either the the dying mobster or the local district attorney Denton s old stabbing victim needs to die and Denton has to be the agent Denton is reluctant no doubt because The Idea of Propaganda A Reconstruction either death would make him the number one suspect and spends the rest of the book trying to work around this dilemma Hanging over his head is Pleasant s promised Plan B Compounding this pressure cooker is that Denton s family doesn t want to have anything to do with him His parents are distant frightened and hisx wife who has moved and changed her name has cut off all contact with his two children Denton s voice throughout is seemingly self Shadowplay effacing and regretful The problem with that is people keep getting the shit kicked out of them It s clear people are afraid of Denton and I m talking about some bad characters He once admits to doing 1000 situps and 400 pushups a day Or is it the other way around At one point Denton s father tells Joe he should probably get help and that after some lay research he probably suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder Joe of course blows that off It was just bad luck that made himarlier have to shatter one guy s jaw and snap another one s arm in the wrong direction Meanwhile the dying mobster has found God and is making arrangements for a deathbed confession that will bring One More Theory About Happiness everyone down The police chief is getting antsy Denton s wiggle room is getting tight and someone is taking shots at him through the window As the clock ticks mayhem multiplies as Denton s desperation and calculation often hidden from the reader goes into overdrive Highly recommended This is a dark noirish tale of tormented characters who have no real hope of happiness or redemtpion Joe Denton was a corrupt cop who lost his soul his wife and his children to his gambling and drug addictionsven before he brutally attacked Phil Coakley the DA and disfigured him for life Joe has spent seven years in jail and once released would like nothing than to put his past behind him reunite with his wife and children and live happily To Serve a King every after But within hours of his release Joe s checkered past has reached out to grab him once again His parents are uneasy and would rather he not stay with them hisx wife and kids have left for parts unknown an old crime boss is dying of cancer and threatening to take Joe down with him and his corrupt Claiming Her Billion Dollar Birthright ex boss wants Joe to clean up the mess that threatens the both of themDenton finds himself in an impossible situatio. Send Joe down again for a very long timeSet in the pressure cooker of a very small town Small Crimes is anxplosive thriller that brings the claustrophobic hell of Jim Thompson and James M Cain right up to da. ,

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Great pace consistently dark tone and an original approach Zeltserman is a confident Saving CeeCee Honeycutt enough writer thatven when he seemingly paints himself into a corner he finds a way I watched the underwhelming Neflix movie of Small Crimes first which is the wrong order For some reason I felt that there was a good story hiding beneath the barely comprehensible screenplay I didn t Velva Jean Learns to Drive even know that it was a novel but I looked around to get it in print from movie to book is always an upgrade I was right that there was a good story buried under the filmJoe Denton is a completely toxic human being and should be avoided at all cost Bad people and worse deeds are attracted to him like a magnet and he can t seem to figure out why because he thinks he s a pretty good guy He lets his jailer beat him at checkers right up until he s released after serving seven years in the county jail for disfiguring a district attorney According to Joe it really wasn t his fault because of the coke and booze And things go immediately downhill after serving a sentence whichveryone thinks was too lenientJoe may have served his sentence but a lot of people feel that he has yet to pay his debt to society or at least to the society that Joe once called home mainly one of crooked cops and sociopathic hoodlums Joe owes money and he has some other debts to pay which involve murder For some reason the film used this Rising Strong exposition of the story to spark a love story or sorts The book is pure noir and there s nothing approaching romanceJoe needs someone to be dead or he willnd up worse He flirts with a nurse caring for his intended victim who he will try To Enlist To Do His Dirty Work He Knows That enlist to do his dirty work He knows that has a history ofhow shall I say less than Το Ωρολόγιον του Αγίου Σουλπικίου exemplary patient care Just how the movie thought to create a romance out of this pathetic and darkly comedic couple is beyond my imagination It felt nice sitting with her I know it sounds crazy knowing what she had done but it wasn t as if I was much of a choirboy myself Body count wise she might ve had andge but not by much and not if you included the maimed and woundedSomeone ueue the violins and let the romance beg Joe Denton is an x dirty cop cocaine and gambling ueue the violins and let the romance beg Joe Denton is an x dirty cop cocaine and gambling who gets out of prison after 7 years doing county time for attempting to murder the DA and trying to burn down his office When he gets out he thinks he ll start afresh and help his Babes in the Wood ex wife to raise his twostranged daughters However immediately on his release he is met by the DA who makes it clear that scores still need to be settled His old Sheriff also meets him and lets him know that he is not a free man and he has to finish what he started before he was sent down and to top it all the local mob bosses son lets him know he is still due 30k in bad debts None of the locals want him around least if all his parents with whom he is staying with Joe has to find a way to resolve all these problems and get away a free manThe title of the novel is Small Crimes but Joe s previous and potential future crimes are anything but small I started out uite Windy City Blues Tunnel Vision 2 VI Warshawski Mysteries in 1 VI Warshawski Novels Audio enjoying the novel but the I read the is revealed of our protagonist and despite hisfforts to try and go straight I found that I had little Gilded Lives Fatal Voyage empathy for his situation as he had brought a lot of t Hell isn t down below us it s alive and well in a small town in Vermont This was like driving through a thick fog and you can t get out of it soonnough This claustrophobic tale that takes a look into the criminalcoked up mind of crooked cop Joe Denton stuck with me for a few days I m looking forward to the second one in Zeltserman s Badass Gets Out of Jail trilogy But to tell ya the truthI grabbed my next Myron Bolitar To Read Next to read next to lighten it up a bit Once I figured out that Joe Denton was as full of s as a porta potty on a construction site I was able to sit back and Wonder Woman Warbringer enjoy this book I have to admit that it took me awhile to catch on I think it was when he was surprised hisx wife did. Crooked cop Joe Denton gets out of prison Chipper early after disfiguring the local district attorney which doesn’t help his popularity Nobody wants Joe to hang around not hisx wife his parents or his former colle. ,
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