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Coming directly off the heels of The Polar Treasure the gang returns by submarine to New York only to be attacked by Asian pirates The chasecaptureescape cycles go from the skyscrapers of New York to a cruise ship from San Francisco to a stand in for the Philippines Big action in this one as Savage gets in fisticuffs than I ve seen in the previous books combined And His Five Compatriots Tear his five compatriots tear crates of ammo for their machine pistols Remmy gets the spotlight this time and Monk and Ham get separated early on so there s less of their suabblingNot much in the way of plot After the failed assassination attempt Savage tracks down and chases the culprits led b Another enjoyable Doc Savage read The main villains always seem to be the first characters they meet in the first two or three chapters Lol Another good Doc adventure that I read back in the 70s Pulp novel featuring Doc Savage This was actually the fifth book in the series and it is clear that the author was still trying out ideas and developing personalities This is a yellow peril novel and is laughably politically incorrect Doc and his crew actually disguise themselves in Not ships but nations are the prey of the sinister Oriental mastermind Tom disguise themselves in Not ships but nations are the prey of the sinister Oriental mastermind Tom Only Doc Savage and his daring crew.

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Pirate of the Pacific Doc Savage #5Feel for at least of Doc s five stalwart BFFs "Incidentally in case you haven t already seen this fact "in case you haven t already seen this fact in reviews Pirate of the Pacific was the fifth Savage novel written and published Bantam Books didn t do the re releases in the original chronological orderSo why only two starsPure and simple overwhelming in your face ethnic stereotyping I fully realize how prevalent and accepted racism was in 1930s general society It s popped up In One Form Or Another one form or another the prior four Doc novels But in this work it s displayed front and center in the third paragraph then continues unabated till the closing scene Here the racism is targeted suarely on Asians And it pops up so freuently that the collision with my ethics kept pulling me out of the fun of the core plot interfering far too much with my suspension of disbelief It s flat out arring to a modern readerBecause of the great plot and further character development of Doc and his scrappy pals I recommend this for die hard pulp novel and Doc Savage fans The only other readers it may serve well are students and researchers of ethnic stereotyping in the history of American pop culture. T corners of the wide world Doc and his friends plunge into their wildest adventure against their most dangerous Lackface at one point Asian villains all speak pidgin English of course Doc And His Crew and his crew up against a notorious villain named Tom Too and his gang of pirates This is a fast moving action packed story Keep in mind that this was written in the early 1930s and as in many pulp fiction stories and b movies of the day the Asian stereotypes are cringe worthy But if you can overlook that it is a very enjoyable story Not as good as others I ve read Much violent A much better putting for the pompous know it all Doc than the last book but that s not saying much These books from the 30 s are fantastic the writers are great I m usually willing to make SOME allowances for the racism and xenophobia that are contained in these Doc Savage books due to the years they were written in But Pirate of the Pacific really takes the cake The constant descriptions of chinese people as slant eyed yellow skinned etcetera were than I could stomach As a result I can t recommend this book This is a rollicking good adventure and it feels like author RobesonDent has finally and very clearly figured out exactly who Doc Savage is while also getting a clearer. Stand a chance of saving the world from this figure of evil and his lethal legions On land and sea in the weirdes.

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