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Midlife Ghost Hunter (Forty Proof, #4)Another choc full story Alan got what was coming to him so did Corb Mmmm Robert mmmm Crash Can t decide if did Corb Mmmm Robert mmmm Crash Can t decide if m Team Robert or Team Crash Who am I kidding Team Robert Today s adventures take us to New Orleans where Bree learns a little bit about what she is and embraces her kick assery I love this series so much There were lot twists that I didn t see coming I love seeing Bree trust herself and listening to her gut regardless of how others might react And that endingLet s just say it s another fabulous book by Shannon Mayer nowimtornOMG so I just have to say I have been team Robert all this time but Crash sure ulled out the big guns in this one okay so he redeemed himself let s not get crazy here And you know the hotness Corb can go *SUCK A LEMON BREENA IS SO DONE WITH HIM * a lemon Breena is so done with him surprised us all there at the end and normally I d be all kinds of excited but Crash was crazy nice to Breena this book Damn Shannon mixing stuff up like thatSo anyway loved the book We now know what Breena is but that s all we know Just. If you thought being over forty meant the end of adventures then you're in for a shock as Bree and her ragtag thought being over forty meant the end of adventures then you're in for a shock as Bree and her ragtag take you on a side splitting rollercoaster rideStuck with Alan's ghost following her around Bree is in hot water now with no easy way out as she's. ,

A name She is a little closer to really knowing who her friends are but at the same Time Knows Everyone Has Divided knows everyone has divided Those that she thinks are on her side aren t necessarily and vise versa Things get a bit muddled We find out who one of the major Never and Forever (The Wizards of Once players is and who he s controlling and what killed Gran Alan and Breena sarents We just don t know who s actually behind i I love this series like crazy butI am really sad about things with Corb I really liked him and was rooting for him and his special magic I love Robert and can t wait to see what s in store for him and Breena and their next adventures with the gang After reading review 4 starsI m going to say first off that I loved this book but to me it was the weakest installment of the forty roof series thus far It wasn t bad not by a long shot but it for a few reasons it just didn t live up to the other three books Its *still a 4 star book just not a 5 star The romantic elements were just * a 4 star book just not a 5 star The romantic elements were just there in this book And the entire situation with Corb I mean Been framed for his murder and lunked in the local okeyIf that weren't bad enough Gran's ghost has been kidnapped and all clues oint to the Big Easy New OrleansWith the olice on her never mind the size butt two men vying for her attentions and a mystery wrapp.
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E was never a viable love interest I FOUND MYSELF JUST KIND OF WANTING TO MOVE THE myself just kind of wanting to the along when ever they had scenes together I also found it kind of weird how often characters just kept opping up at the right times Crash specifically did this a lot There would be a set scene where He Would Say Look I would say Look I gotta go for these reasons lot wise and they made sense but then like two ages in he Solo un Jesús marica puede salvarnos: Reflexiones cristianas en clave gay (Spanish Edition) pops back up and saves the day Like why even write that he had to leave if he wasn t leaving Also how did he get there How did he know she needed help JUST then Multiple times this happens and it was just kind of weirdOther than that I loved the book great mystery and amazing dialog Though theotty humor is starting to get a bit stale for me There s a limit to how many times you can joke about farting or Addicts or Millionaires The Gift and Curse of ADHD peeing yourself before I start to just roll my eyes or wince I loved crash in this and Robert and view spoilerOH MY GOD I CALLED IT IN THE LAST BOOK Robert as a viable love interest just brings back the SPICE hide spoiler. Ed around the murder of her Gran and ex she has than enough to keep her stressed and turningrematurely graySo when a local coven stirs things up in NOLA and a new nemesis appears on the scene Bree is ready to meet them head onAs soon as she's Conceptos Básicos de la Coctelería: Una Guía Completa Para Principiantes (Spanish Edition) popped a few Advil.