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on family friends it won t turn you into *friends It won t turn you into mathematician but it might make you think This book is full of interesting maths facts card tricks word problems and other fun facts and puzzles Every chapter had something new for me to learn not all of which would be traditionally viewed as mathematics by the average layperson I "Found This Book Both Fascinating And Incredibly Informative And I "this book both fascinating and incredibly informative and I it to anyone with the slightest interestI should warn you though some of the chapters will definitely make your brain hurt specially the chapter about infinity It was a very The German War A Nation Under Arms enjoyable book to read in my opinion The language was simple so the complex mathematics that was discussed was straightforward andasy to perceive As well as this Eastaway used Bend the Rules (Big Mike and Minnie everydayxamples to broaden the understanding of the topics covered which would Final Crisis easily call for dinner conversations with the family if there is an awkward silence to get them into maths Some sections I felt I did have to read over twice but then again the topic of infinity was discussed and notven the brightest of mathematicia. A pair of socks Rob Eastaway shows how maths can demonstrate its secret beauties in Interpreting the Pauline Epistles Guides to New Testament Exegesis even the most mundane ofveryday objects Among the many fascinating curiosities in these pages you will discover the strange link between limericks and rabbits an apparently 'fair' coin game where the. ,

Interesting so far light and asy style to "make you think out of the box it "you think out of the box It t gripping reading but there were some interesting and amusing maths tricks and uirks in this book An interesting and ntertaining read which does give some Ah Aha and Haha of Maths as promised Eastaway doesn t get into detailed plantations but ven for a non mathematician like me it s a bit frustrating always to have to take his word for it Interesting Miracle of Love enough well written andasy to read Although I recognised some of the popular maths material as topics I already knew there were The Virgin and Her Lover Fragments of an Ancient Greek Novel and a Persian Epic Poem Brill Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures enough surprises here for it to be worth reading Who said mathematics couldn t be fun This book is very different from what I generally read but I reallynjoyed it The authors show "us how maths are verywhere in our daily " how maths are verywhere in our daily and proceed with understandable and often funny Les Amours de Lara Jean T3 (NED): Pour toujours et jamais explanations You don t need to be a math genius to get it and you do learn a lot This is a well written and veryntertaining book full of interesting facts and observations and with some challenging puzzles thrown in It s a great book to dip into and it contains some. Do you gaze into your washing basket and wonder how long it'll take to find a pair of socks Behind this uestion is a world of maths that can be creative surprising and sometimes ven beautiful Using playing cards a newspaper *The Back Of An *back of an a Sudoku some pennies and of course.

Read How Many Socks Make a Pair? Surprisingly Interesting Everyday Maths

Ns can grasp that idea Overall I give this a rating of four stars and would very much recommend it to anyone with an interest in mathematics or for people who hang around people who have an interest in mathematics and want to seem intellectual Very interesting but in my case not so surprisingly I love maths Some really nice material in there and very well presented I d like to give it five stars but I found a few things somewhat triggering in a highly njoyable and inspiring miscellanyi Eastaway presents the fact that x 0 1 as a mathematical convention and hence misses the point that it makes sense The number system would not run anywhere near as smoothly with any other choice for the value of x 0ii A rounding rror come oniii When "Talking About Infinity The 1 11 11 "about infinity the 1 11 11 series is discussed and the fallacious argument showing that the value of the sum is 12 is presented However Eastaway makes the outrageous claim that there are mathematicians who believe 12 is the best answer lolnope I d definitely recommend this book so do not be put off I very much njoyed ranting about some rather minor point. Odds are massively in favour why tourist boards can't agree on where the centre of Britain is and how simple paper folding can lead to a Jurassic Park monster With plenty of ideas you'll want to test out for yourself this Behind the Red Door engaging and refreshing look at mathematics is forveryo. How Many Socks Make a Pair? Surprisingly Interesting Everyday Maths
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