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Ie was written in 1888 by Martha Finley I never heard of her I never heard of her book either but from reading it I found out a few things about the author It seems that She Was A Teacher And A Writer was a teacher and a writer numerous works for children She is most remembered if she is for the 28 volume Elsie Dins series Which Was Published Over A Span Of 38 Years This was published over a span of 38 years This wrote 28 books about Elsie and I ve never seen a single one of them before now If they were popular then they aren t any It seems that Elsie entered the book world as a eight year old girl living with her grandfather in the American South If I m supposed to remember which part of the American South I don t Elsie starts her book career in Elsie Dins a very sensible name for the first book in 1867 and finishes up with Elsie and Her Namesakes in 1905 I m assuming she s still alive in the 1905 book but I m not sure about it About half way through all this the entire family winds up at the house of Elsie now a Grandmother for Christmas and I was there too for a day or so The story was about what you would expect it to be about from a Christmas book written long ago there is this big family there is always a big family and they all show up of course There are the Fairview family and the Woodburn family and the Raymond family the Dins family and the Travilla family We have Elsie Lulu she seems to be our main character if there is one also Rosie Walter Gracie Violet Zoe Edward Evelyn Sydney Maud and Max You get the idea split them up into any family you want I can t remember *who is who any And we all show up at Grandma s house which better be *is who any And we all show up at Grandma s house which better be mansion in time for ChristmasAnd while at Grandma s house they go skating and sleigh riding they have snowball battles with snow forts and all they play all sorts of games indoors when the snow is falling too fast to be outside games such as Table crouet Parlor uoits Parlor Ring Toss and Jack straws whatever that is The Christmas holidays were wonderful and that s what bugged me a little about this book these people were perfect Everyone loved each other all the time no one ever said a mean word to anyone else no one ever even thought such a thing Things like this Home again and it s nice to get home exclaimed Lulu skipping up the steps of the veranda and across into the wide hall where all was light and warmth and beautyViolet and Grace had preceded her and her father was following with little Elsie in his armsI am glad to hear you say that glad my daughter appreciates her home he said in a cheery toneI d be a ueer girl papa if I didn t appreciate such a home as this is she returned with warmth and smiling up into his face Don t you say so Max catching sight of her brother who riding his pony had arrived some minutes ahead of the carriage and was now petting and fondling his dog at the farther end of the hallYes indeed. Ther amusement provided by family ventrilouist Cousin Ronald There is also a burglar but this is a Christmas stor.

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Christmas with Grandma ElsieA Classic And one that reminded me of our Christmas when I was growing up One of my grandma s To read Breath of growing up One of my grandma s To read Breath of CHRISTMAS WITH GRANDMA ELSIE is 14 in the series and the last great Elsie book It deals with a Christmas party that Elsie holds for her large extended family where the children play charades and enjoy a magic lantern show A fascinating glimpse into late nineteenth century life And later Lulu emerges as a true heroine who rescues her family from burglars This book has a modern feel very different from earlier Elsie titles and is exciting and fast paced throughout Highly recommended But sadly after 14 the series deteriorates Author Martha Finley became obsessed with the desire to teach history to her readers probably in emulation of didactic writers like Jacob Abbott Subseuent Elsie books are mainly travel logs describing trips that the family take around the continents of North and South America Captain Raymond degenerates into a long winded bore giving us page after page of lecturing on historical events Not much of dramatic interest happensand that s why many many readers tune out after CHRISTMAS WITH GRANDMA ELSIE SPOILER ALERTIf you plan to read titles beyond 14 then don t look at my next comments which are spoilersSPOILER ALERT To save people time I am summarizing the rest of the series volumes 15 28 in ust a few words Sadly I can do this because so little of importance happens after CHRISTMAS WITH GRANDMA ELSIE The spoilers are as followsElsie grows older but remains beautiful and pious and good She has surgery at about the age of 50 and recovers completely Her horrible father lives on too and continues to dote on her Edward and Zoe live happily ever after and have twins a boy and girl Captain Raymond and Violet live happily ever after and buy a yacht in which they travel extensively Harold and Violet live happily ever after and buy a yacht in which they travel extensively Harold and Travilla become successful doctors and practice medicine together Harold ends up marrying Grace Raymond Rosie marries a rich young man and lives happily ever afterWalter becomes a minister much to his mother s oy Max oins the navy marries Evelyn and has a daughter Lulu s life is threatened by Perry Davis the burglar whom she sent to ail but she s rescued by her true love Chester Dins whom she later marries They have a son There Now you know what happens without having to plough through thousands of pages of boring historical meanderings I ve done my good deed for the day It s clever interesting and very appropriate for children to read today This series is a bit Calvinistic in its theology and it s also a bit uber Christian ie the Christians are really really good and the non Christians are really really bad The further into the series you get the boring the books get because there are too many historical lectures in the later books rather than actual plots This was a wonder. The holidays have arrived in Dins household and Grandma Elsie has gathered together her large and extended family. Ful Elsie book with many thrills IN ITAGAIN LIKE THE LAST FEW itAgain like the last few the story centers on Lulu Raymond Elsie s granddaughterThe holidays have arrived and all of the family has grouped together at Grandma Elsie S House For The Fun There S house for the fun There s fights sleigh rides charades stories and other amusement provided by ventrilouist Cousin Ronald There s even uite a bit of suspenseThe book closes after some of the most dramatic events draw to an end But I m left longing to continue into the next bookI enjoyed each and every chapter as something new is always happeningThis is one of my favorites This story is not badly written but a true period piece which I was willing to let go in places when it spoke about Christmas and family but it is very disturbing in others Elsie is a high born girl whose father is a former captain in the military They have land and the family behaves very well to each other The black servants know their place and the Bible guides the treatment of them They children are expected to treat animals very well The ending is an enigma to me Elsie on Christmas eve traps burglars in the house and dad calls the police Elsie s last lesson is that she did right by protecting the community The tramp is not so poor and was fired for mistreating animals I thought it was a bit much to put the burglars in Everything in the book ie referred back to the Bible Never read any of these stories before Found it to be uite sweet with some morals mixed in Christmas with Grandma ElsieI stumbled upon this novel when looking for a Christmas book to read and is the first of this series I have read If you have not read any of the previous books in the series it is a little rough to figure out the characters at first but not impossible The story has a good Christian message and is a good read Though as others have pointed out the characters can seem somewhat unrealistic as they are very good and modeling the perfect Christian Overall a good story and I would recommend if you have read and enjoyed the other novels in the series I do love how they incorporate the distant family and watch as it continutes to growBut I m stopping this seriesbecuase the family is ust to perfectThey can t say hello without thirty sentences about how they want to be good and can be good with His help and how much they love each otherAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH I ve been reading Christmas stories the last few days I bet you can guess why Yesterday I finished the last one and out of the four I would probably read two of them again the other two maybe Even the ones I didn t like as much wouldn t take long to read again so who knows perhaps next December I ll give them another try I have 363 days to think about it For now though I ll talk about the first book I read Christmas with Grandma Elsie This is on the maybe list Christmas with Grandma Els. There are snowball fights and sleigh races going one Children play charades and enjoy a magic lantern show and .

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